Bespoke gifts and sparkle

Bespoke gifts and artwork with a touch of fairy sparkle.

Here is our upcycled storage box. Previously, it held champange bottles. Now it can hold whatever you’d like to store. It would make an small blanket storage box or a fantastic toy box. It has been painted in our contemporary style in a purple , green and gold base. It’s stenciled with flowers and butterflies and set with textured mouldings as well. The storage bold has a brass clasp lock to make it a wonderlful upcycled treasure chest if you prefer.

We can also upcycle your furntiure. If you would like one of your special pieces of furniture upcycled to your specification, please get in touch for a no-obigation quotation ( We are within easy reach of Edinburgh and the west of the Scottish Borders.

If you like our work, please share this on your own social media to help us to reach others who might be interested. You can also keep up-to-date with us at where you’ll see other reviews and links to our other work. You can also catch up with our day-to-day activities by visiting .

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Sheila (with a little help from her hubby, Gordon) started Droopy Dandelion in the autumn of 2017 to make a business that would provide an income for her family as well as look after the environment. We live in Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders. Like any other business we do use new materials; however we also use lots of recycled ones too. Everything that we produce has been re-invented and re-purposed to create bespoke gifts that can themselves be recycled later.


In our shop section, you’ll find examples of Sheila and Gordon’s work in antique ceramics, wood, glass, wool and many more. We can personalise all of them with your own message or theme.  If you’d like to make your gift extra special; just drop us an email at  


We especially love to do gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even memorials for gravesides.  The feeling we get when a commission is unveiled makes it special for not just the customers but for us as well.  Customers can bring us their most personal possessions and we can include them into a magical setting that touches their heart,


One of our latest offerings are the turned wood objects; from mushrooms to garden dippers and candle plinths we can ’turn’ our hand to almost anything.  The latest one was a customised lamp fitting that a client wanted for a vase that she had purchased from a charity shop.  The wooden spindle and the brass bulb (LED of course) fittings we added looked stunning on the completed lamp and the customer was pleased to have rescued an otherwise plain vase and turned it into a useful item of home décor.


Sheila and Gordon really would appreciate if you could stay for a little or a while, especially as we’ve had to close the shop during the corona virus pandemic.  Please visit to see some bespoke gifts that we’ve already done.


Thank You for reading this.  We’ll hopefully see you soon.