Aishling’s First

Aishling Bradford has been doing her Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award project with Droopy Dandelion and this is her first finished article.  She has used various upcycling and upholstery techniques to achieve a great result with this wonderful bumble bee chair.  We are really excited to see her next project.

Sheila’s Spirit Doll

We’re so pleased at Droopy Dandelion today to introduce you all to Sheila’s Spirit Doll.  Made by the lovely Sandra, she has truly captured the ideas and motives of Sheila is this wonderful, bespoke piece.  The circular swing, the green cloth and the whispy dandelion hair are particular favourites.  If you’d like Sandra to design and create your own ‘Spirit Doll’, message or PM us and we’ll let you know how it’s done.

Sunday Afternoon Opening

Sheila has decided to open the shop tomorrow afternoon between 12 and 4pm for all Droopy Dandelion’s lovely fairy friends.  Please come along to see her latest handmade cards.  This one is called ‘The Meadow Hare’ and comes complete with a sachet of wild flower seeds to start your own meadow.  The saying inside reads ‘The Earth Laughs In Flowers’

Fairyland Magic

What a fantastic book! Here’s just a small exert from it … 

‘The Magical Realm

Fairyland looks quite different from our world.  The sky can change from blue to green in an instant, and the clouds look like candi-floss. The rivers run with shimmering gold and the lakes contain pure dew water.  Flowers of every type grow in Fairyland – from roses to violets, to magical blooms of silver and gold.’

Wouldn’t you love to live there? Apart from the rivers of gold, I think that we live there already. The beautiful Scottish Borders.

New ‘Late Opening’ at Droopy Dandelion

The fairies had an epiphany last night.  They realised that most of their human friends work during the day and can’t get to the shop before closing time.  Tink and her friends decided to asked Sheila if she’d mind opening the shop on a Thursday night until 8pm.  So, that’s exactly what will happen, at least for a trial period until we discover if our fairy friends like the idea. Please come along for a few minutes of escape to fairyland after work.

Fairy Light Globe

 Something very special…….a large glass globe covered in fairy magic……..Looking at it from every angle you will be lost in a fairy wonderland…buzzing bees, frolicking fairies and all the wonders of nature.    This item is a unique piece which would look great in any room in your home.  The Globe is fitted with LED battery lights…safe as no flame but magical when lit.   A fantastic addition to an established fairy corner or the initial starting piece for a new fancy.  

The fairies and the bumble bee

Last Monday, just after Sheila closed the door of the shop for the night, Tink and her friends were woken by the buzzing of a bumble bee at the window.  She was desperately trying to find her way out and back to her little ones who were snuggled beneath the crumbling shed in the back garden.  The more she struggled to find a way through the clear, solid surface which barred her way to the street, the more exhausted she became until she finally dropped to a limp pile on the floor of the shop window display.

Tink hurried over to help and offered, ‘I’m so sorry to see that you’ve got stuck in the shop.  Please let me get you a sip of water and, once you get your breath back, I’ll show you the way out.  My name’s Tink.  What’s yours?’  ‘Bee-trix, my name’s … Bee-trix.  I didn’t mean to get stuck in the shop.  It’s just that I got carried away looking at all the wonderful colours that you have and, by the time I realised that your human was leaving it was too late.’  ‘Please don’t worry,’ replied Tink, ‘ My friends and I will have you back home quicker than you can flutter your wings.’  With that, Tink called to Arthur who was tidying up the back of the shop to bring some water for Bee-trix.  He dutifully arrived and presented her with a small thimble full to the brim of delicious fairy dew which Bee-trix quickly lapped up.

‘Now that you’ve had a drink Bee-trix,’ said Tink, ‘Let’s get you home to your children’  She led Bee-trix over to the fairy circle and explained,’ all that you have to do is stand in the middle of the circle, picture your children in your mind and then make a wish.  But before you go let me give you a hug to send you on your way.’  Bee-trix and Tink embraced as friends and, in a puff of fairy dust, Bee-trix was home leaving Tink to carry on with her work of decorating all the beautiful gifts for the next day at the shop.