Month: June 2019

Aishling’s First

Aishling Bradford has been doing her Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award project with Droopy Dandelion and this is her first finished article.  She has used various upcycling and upholstery techniques to achieve a great result with this wonderful bumble bee chair.  We are really excited to see her next project.

Sheila’s Spirit Doll

We’re so pleased at Droopy Dandelion today to introduce you all to Sheila’s Spirit Doll.  Made by the lovely Sandra, she has truly captured the ideas and motives of Sheila is this wonderful, bespoke piece.  The circular swing, the green cloth and the whispy dandelion hair are particular favourites.  If you’d like Sandra to design […]

A Bumble Bee Garden

There lots of bumble bees flying about our garden today, so I thought I’d do a bit of research.  I found this site that has some great pointers for looking after our winged friends.  Why not check it out to see how you can help them in your garden.

Fairyland Magic

What a fantastic book! Here’s just a small exert from it …  ‘The Magical Realm Fairyland looks quite different from our world.  The sky can change from blue to green in an instant, and the clouds look like candi-floss. The rivers run with shimmering gold and the lakes contain pure dew water.  Flowers of every […]