Our new Card Display

The shop now has a wonderful display to show of all our handmade cards.  All pieces of art in their own right, they can be viewed easily resting against the grey background of the floor standing card rack.  Plus, with prices ranging from £1.50 to £6, there’s something for everyone.

Our New Floral Arbour

Sometimes when things around you are stressful and your brain’s overloaded with negativity and worry, the simplest things can make such a difference.  I’ve always found that looking at daisies makes me smile.  Nature just knows what we need and gives it to us in abundance.  This year the high street is missing the usual hanging baskets because all the shops are shut, so we decided to add a little bit of colour of our own in the hope that everyone who sees it will smile.


Droopy Dandelion will close its doors at 2pm on Saturday until further notice. Sheila and Gordon have discussed with the fairies and we feel that we’d like to be responsible and look out for our young and young-at-heart customers. Droopy Dandelion is a labour of love and, although this closure may be for an extended period, hopefully it’s not the end for the business, We use the word business but to us it is so much more…we genuinely feel that us being in the town makes a difference to people’s lives. Next week things should become clearer as to whether or not the shop will re-open in due course. We wish you all good health, be safe and look after each other and we’ll see you on the other side…sitting having a wee cry to ourselves……xx

March Window

The fairies have been working hard to create a colourful display for this month’s window box.  Bellis Perrenis daisies have added a nice splash of colour whilst we wait for the spring sun to make an appearance.  Why not pop in to see all the other colourful gifts in the shop.

Fairy-tastic Shop Window for Spring

We’ve designed our new shop window to not so much show our product range but to show the concept of Droopy Dandelion. We hope that all of our creations take away the tears that we all feel at some point in our day and replace them with a smile.

droopydandelion #innerleithen #scottishborders

A wonderful night at Kirkurd SWI with a little sparkle

The wonderful ladies of the Kirkurd SWI were kind enough to invite Droopy Dandelion to their meeting at Kirkurd Village hall last night. After a lovely introduction, Sheila went on to teach the ladies how to create one of the staples of the shop, a decoupaged light jar. Sheila and the fairies would like to thank the Kirkurd SWI for the opportunity to spread the word about our shop.