Hand painted cards

Sheila has hand painted cards recently.  They are done is watercolour paint and look fantastic with a touch of fairy sparkle.  There are many different designs and range in price from £1.50 to £6 (based on size and time taken to paint).  It would probably be best to call on 07830853171 if you would like some.  That way we can discuss which designs you would like best and any personalisation you would need.  Personalised text can be put inside the card to your specification (extra cost £0.99).  You can see a number of ‘standard cards here.

If you prefer to use Ebay you can find the cards here . Remember though that they are a bit more expensive here in order to cover Ebay fees. These are only the extra large cards and we advise that you still email to discuss your requirements.

If you could share this post on your social media, we would be very grateful and give you personalisation free-of-charge.  Thank you for reading this.

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